AutoDial Valet


Division of responsibility: Staff members set up their own notification tasks, using their computer and telephone (for recording).

Recording messages at your desk: You can use a headset, or your phone - in which case the system calls your phone and guides you through the recording process.

Urgent option: A session that you mark "urgent" takes precedence over lower priority sessions.

Personalized "Valet" service: You can have the system offer a personal call. If the call recipient chooses to accept, an email is immediately sent to you, so you may call the client personally.

Politeness built in: You can have the system offer to call back later if it's an inconvenient time for the call-recipient.

"Voice ID": You can tell the system to ask for a voice sample. This can be used later to verify who took the call.

The system can make over 1,000 calls per hour.